Constructions of the Armoured Recovery Vehicle is based on the chassis of T-72 main battle tank. WZT-3 is primarily intended for the maintenance of tanks and other vehicles taking participation in activities on the battlefield.

WZT-3 is used, among by the Polish Armed Forces.

High universality and easy adaptation allow to use the vehicle for any kind of specialized technical works, including chemical and firefighting. The WZT-3 can be used in all weather conditions at temperatures from -24 C to +50 C.

In particular the Armoured Recovery Vehicle WZT-3 ensures:

  • towing of damaged wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • setting overturned vehicles
  • extraction of stuck vehicles
  • pulling in the combat vehicles on trailers
  • pushing of the combat vehicles
  • pulling and assuring of vehicles during water obstacle crossing
  • earth moving activities with the use of the dozer blade, such as excavation, digging of the main tank trenches, clearance works through antitank banks and scarps and others
  • execution of assembly and/or disassembly works by means of a crane
  • reloading work
  • water obstacle crossing
  • execution of hull recovery works with the use of welding and cutting equipment and delivered spare parts and units in case of need
  • immediate start of vehicle repair with a rich set of tools and instruments
  • refuelling and fuel draining of other vehicles
  • application of the first aid medical care as well as evacuation of wounded from the battle field

Technical data

  • Crew  - 4 men
  • Combat weight  - 42
  • Maximal speed on road - 60 km/h
  • Engine - S-12U
  • Maximal power - 625/850 (kW/HP)
  • Main winch: drum, hydraulic

Pull force of single rope - 280 kN
Pull force with pulley block - 840 kN
Usable rope length - 200 m
Auxiliary winch: drum, hydraulic
Pull force - 20 kN
Usable rope length - 400 m


- maximal lifting capacity – 15 t
- Traverse angle - 360 degrees
- Elevation angle - 42.5 - 72.5 degrees
- Jib length - maximal - 8 m, minimal - 5,8 m


- Maximal blade width - 3605 mm
- Maximal blade sinking - 0.225 m


- anti-aircraft machine gun 12.7 mm
- smoke grenades launchers 81 mm

Additional equipment

- fire suppression system
- navigation system
- welding equipment
- pump for refuelling and fuel draining
- transportation boxes

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